Strategy guidelines

SG 1

Innovate the product line, introducing in the market quality products to ensure the client approval.- Innovate the product line, introducing in the market quality products to ensure the client approval.

SG 2

Process efficiency, lower energetic cost, control the production costs to ensure a competitive price with sustainable margins.

SG 3

Ensure an excellent service, meet delivery deadlines and showing flexibility for urgent deliveries.

SG 4

Raise the installed production capacity to achieve high levels of productivity, production, energy and environmental efficiency, determinant factors in a market where the deadlines and the accuracy of the deliveries are essential. Quality and technological and technical domain are also dominant criteria.

SG 5

I– Increase the capacity of R&D, Process and Production Engineering and their connection with external entities.

SG 6

The product quality assurance and its continuous innovation, for capacity building of design and engineering, R&D expertise, laboratory and quality control of new products.

SG 7

Leverage the organizational and marketing capabilities of the company, in addition to the technological side, to achieve important productivity gains, as well as the prominence of new brands and the sustainable export growth.

SMART Objectives

• Gain market share in the segment of components for hygiene devices, based on the exploitation of a range of products made by polyethylene.;

• Reach markets with emerging economies like North Africa and Maghreb, due to their geographical proximity, responding its growing demand of competitive prices.

• reduce significantly the risk of investment by diversifying the commercialization and production.

• Maximizing the new equipment potential, to achieve a solid and sustainable business volume in order to increase the factory profitability.

• Create synergies with the production and sale of the multiple kinds of products.