The quality, environment and safety system covers all Elastictek activities, research and development, production and commercialization of its products – Elastic Bands, TBS and polyethylene film.

Integrated Management Policy (IMP)

Elastictek – Indústria de Plásticos, S.A. is decided in conciliate the economic and social development with the protection of the environment and its workers Contributing for the sustainable global growing, working in an environmental responsible and safe way.


Elastictek – Indústria de Plásticos, S.A. Integrated Management Policy (IMP) is based in:

Ensure compliance of your products / Strategic Objectives

Ensure the compliance of your products, services and activities with the requirements of customers and stakeholders, always giving priority to their satisfaction, measuring, monitoring and continuously evaluating performance against established strategic objectives;

Training and development of employees

To bet on the training and development of employees, in order to increase their motivation, responsibility, awareness and environmental competencies as well as safety competencies, with individual and collective character;

Continuous improvement

Continuously improve the quality, environment and safety management system in order to ensure its continued suitability and effectiveness by systematically preventing and reducing its environmental impacts and occupational risks and by prioritizing the adoption of the best available techniques by applying all prevention and protection measures;

Prevent pollution

Prevent pollution through the application of good practices of environmental management, with emphasis in a judicious management of the residues, privileging the reducing, reusing and recycling/valorization, and preservation of the natural resources, contributing in that way to a continuous improvement of its environmental performance;

Comply the law and the regulations

Comply the environmental and the hygiene and safety laws and regulations applicable in the work, always trying to be prepared to apply new legal requirements;


Influence the suppliers to behave in an environmentally responsible way;


Take care of our safety and of third parties that could be affected by our activities.