Integrated Management Policy (QESI)

Elastictek – Indústria de Plásticos, S.A., is focus on meeting the needs and expectation of its customers, supported by Research and Development processes leading to the innovation of its product range. It is also determined to reconcile economic and social development with environmental protection and the health and safety of its employees, contributing to sustainable global development, operating in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.

Elastictek – Indústria de Plásticos, S.A. policy is based on the following principles:

Ensure compliance of our products – Strategic Objectives

Ensure the compliance of products, services and activities respecting the requirements of customers and stakeholders, always giving priority to their satisfaction, by continuously measuring, monitoring and evaluating performance against established strategic objectives, with the aim of prioritizing hygiene, quality and safety conditions throughout the supply chain until reaching the customer and, consequently, the final consumer;

Training and development of employees

Ensure the training, culture of creativity and innovation and development of employees, as well as their participation, in order to increase their motivation, responsibility, awareness and environmental competencies as well as safety and health competencies, with individual and collective character, ensuring continuous improvement of the organization and also product safety;

Continuous improvement

Continuously improve the quality, environment, safety and research, development and innovation management system to ensure its continued suitability and effectiveness, seeking value creation through innovation, systematically prevent and reduce its environmental impacts and occupational risks and favouring the adoption of the best available techniques, applying all measures of prevention, protection of people and product safety;

Protect the Environment

Prevent pollution, decreasing the environmental footprint, through the application of good practices of environmental management, with an emphasis on careful waste management, focusing predominantly on reducing, reusing and recycling/waste recovery, and conservation of natural resources, thus contributing to the continuous improvement of its environmental performance (fulfilment of objectives), reducing the environmental impact;


Promotion of research, development and innovation projects aimed for creating value and knowledge that contribute to the sustainability of the organization, through product innovation results, together with the process, organizational and marketing aspects, with the aim of improving the its products and processes in order to benefit its customer, differentiating itself from its competition;

Comply the law and the regulations

Act in accordance to product requirements, legislation, and other requirements that the company subscribes, in particular the regulatory requirements applicable to the Integrated Management System, environmental, health, hygiene and safety regulations, and adapt to any new legal requirements applicable to the different activities of the organization;


Create and develop close partnership relationships with our customers, promoting the pursuit of joint goals, using Elastictek’s in-house resources and know-how to ensure ever greater integration with sustainable growth and thus provide quality, innovative and safe products to meet their needs and those of their customers.


Influence product and service suppliers to assume responsible behaviour and safety and environmental practices, ensuring the organization’s requirements, as well as contributing to the company’s innovation dynamics.

Hygiene, Health and Safety

The organization is committed to provide Hygiene, Health and Safety conditions, in order to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, seeking to mitigate or eliminate the risks associated with the activities, ensuring the health and safety of workers and the safety of others, as well as the safeguarding of work machinery and equipment and the safety of the building itself, meeting the defined objectives, privileging the satisfaction of the final consumer.

The Operational Direction
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