Elastic Band


This product is composed by a central layer of polyethylene elastic film, with an upper and lower layer of nonwoven polypropylene textile. Our technology allows us to produce this product through an in-line extrusion lamination process(films are directly extruded onto nonwovens without any glue). Our side panel combines excellent mechanical strength with outstanding flexibility. The nonwoven layers provide a soft and smooth touch. Printing is applied onto the extruded layer which eliminates the need for a printed film and reduces the stiffness of the landing zone to increase the diaper comfort. Suitable for baby and adult diapers.

Product Range Characteristics

  • - Prevents leakage
  • - Good mechanical strength
  • - Printed or non printed (with sketches)
  • - Excellent interface to attach any hook
  • - Good stretching properties
  • - Possible to manufacture in several weights